Trash_can1234 April 14

A Seventeen Year Old Made Me Delete My Novel

I experienced the most surreal moment of my life this weekend. I was told that my book would be used for a book report in a high school class. I’ve had a lot of great compliments over the past year and a half, but nothing has really stunned me like this. I finished the first draft of […]

This is…

What 4 AM looks like…

Carrion-Comfort April 10

What I’m Reading

Reading four books right now, all of them pretty good. 1. A Short History of Nearly Everyting by Bill Bryson–just excellent. Read it. I’m almost finished. 2. Cholesterol Clarity by Jimmy Moore–I have fairly awful cholesterol numbers according to the medical establishment. I don’t believe much that the medical establishment says about nutrition (realize that […]

Cute Mouse4 April 07

Writer Stuff Not Interesting to Anyone Else

I really dig those mice. If the title didn’t scare you away, let’s continue. I’ve evolved a lot as a writer over the past seven years. In the beginning this was largely due to Bob Howard, who is an extremely talented writer, just can’t seem to put enough sentences together in ten years to constitute […]

220px-Dedication3wayne April 02

Real Dedication

Every morning I wake up and visit some writer boards. There’s a lot of great information on there, and people far more successful/knowledgeable than me. Yesterday a question came up–what are your goals for this week? I read through everyone’s goals, then posted mine: Spend 7 hours marketing/reading on the market. Write 25,000 words this […]

Colosseum_in_Rome,_Italy_-_April_2007 March 28

A General Guide on How to Be An Entrepreneur

People have been asking me lately how I’ve reached the mild level of success I have, and what they could do in their own fields. I decided to write my thoughts out on this, and also to ask other entrepreneurs to write theirs. This will be an on going series. I’m a bit hesitant to […]

funny-dogs8 March 24

Realizing You Write A LOT

<NEWS: The Devil’s Dream achieved best seller status on Amazon this past week. Holla. Also, Dead Religion is going to be free for tomorrow only. Share it wide and far, friends.> This morning I woke up and finished the second draft of Against the Dark. I wrote the book, which is around 55,000-60,000 words, and […]

Knowledge1 March 19

The Only Five Things I Know

I was thinking last night about the things I KNOW. Not the the things I think. Not the things I have opinions on. The list is short, but here it is. 1. Violence is bad. All of my political and religious beliefs are filtered through this one piece of knowledge. You should use it too. […]

life March 16

My Life in My Fiction

There are a lot of themes that come up over and over in the things I write. <NEWS: The price of The Devil’s Dream is now $2.99. Beat that Starbucks.> God. Religion. Parent/child relationships. Faith. Love. Our origins. Violence. Child oppression. These things weave themselves in and out of my stories, and have since I was writing in my […]

a-short-history-illustrated-uk March 15

What I’m Reading

Reading four books right now. I’ll throw up some reviews when I finish, but as of right now, I recommend them all pretty highly. 1. The Devil in The White City – This is a true story based on this cat:  Homeboy, basically created a house of horrors and brought women there. I mean, you […]


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